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David Melo

After quitting law enforcement, David Melo left Massachusetts for Florida and decided to pursue his dream of owning a business. He started working as an adolescent in the cleaning industry while also serving 15 years as a police officers. He founded The Steam Master Florida LLC in 2019. David has over 26 plus years in the cleaning business and hold several certifications by top instructors in the cleaning field.

John Melo

John Melo, a company founder and cleaning veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He worked as a day manager for his father’s cleaning business in Massachusetts and also served as a Bristol County Sheriff before leaving and joining forces with David, his brother.

Christina Melo

Christina Melo started with The Steam Master of Massachusetts over 16 years ago. The Steam Master of Massachusetts is a company owned by Raul Melo, David’s father. She started out as a receptionist in his office and was later promoted to manager of that same location, 2001-2014; she also managed residential maid services during this time period before moving on to lead Florida’s team (based out Deltona). Currently working full time at our Deltona HQ where you can find her managing things like hiring procedures & bookkeeping–and sometimes even helping out with field work when needed! Christina also holds certifications in the cleaning industry.

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