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Carpet Cleaning

In order to properly maintain the life of carpets, manufacturers of carpeting recommend carpets be professionally cleaned every six months or yearly for heavily used areas. They recommend companies that offer hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning for maximum cleaning benefits.  Though vacuuming helps remove loose soil and debris, it doesn’t fully reach deep inside your carpet fibers to remove soil, debris, bacteria and other contaminants lurking in your carpet. Vacuuming should be done several times per week to keep up with heavy traffic. Most people don’t take the time to slow vacuum each room and end up speed vacuuming which doesn’t get all those loose contaminants out.

Carpets act like a giant air filter trapping contaminants which become airborne after being walked on. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly helps with allergies according to some studies.  Though it may be cheaper to DYI your own carpets with a store bought machine, you may be potentially voiding your carpets warranty if your carpet is new or your adding store bought soapy residue which acts as a magnet for dirt. You shouldn’t use anything they sell in a store that is locally available because they usually don’t work. If you have cleaned your own carpet you can see that your carpets seem to get dirty faster. This is because these aren’t the appropriate cleaning solutions for your carpets.

Your probably thinking that i’m just saying this because we clean carpets. Truth be told carpet cleaning isn’t really profitable. It is one service we provide out of several. Additionally, a store bought carpet machine is not even in the same league as a machine which costs over thirty thousand. Professional truckmounts heat up water between 212 degrees to 300 degrees, have a psi range from 100 to 1500,  and a have very powerful vacuum. Plus we use only the right chemistry and are certified by top cleaning instructors in our industry.

There are a many people in this industry who have no formal training and offer unheard of pricing that most consumers think is what the cost of a real carpet cleaning is. You see these false advertisements everywhere offering $9.00 dollars or less per room. Beware they are only going to upcharge you for this or that to get that ticket up to even more than what a regular carpet cleaning company would charge you. Also out there are companies saying things like $50 dollars for a whole home. You get the picture. You just going to get a carpet wetting and nothing more.

Either they are new to the business or scammers hiding in plain sight. Unfortunately we get calls several times for week by customers who fell for the lies or expected a real carpet cleaning for less than a tank for gas. 

What you you get when you choose our carpet cleaning company?

Your going to get trained carpet cleaning technicians who will listen to your needs and provide you with a solution to your carpet issues. Even for professionals like us have more than 26+ plus years in this industry some stains will not come out during a cleaning. This is due to various issues including length of time stain has been on the carpet, setting of the stain, or if whatever caused the stain to permanently dye the carpet fiber. With that being said if we can’t get them out no other company can. We have several cleaning options to get the most for your money.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:
  1. Our first step is to speak to you regarding what your looking for and what areas of concern you have.
  2. We then inspect the areas to be cleaned using a high powered UV light that can show us an presence of urine by animal or human or any stain not visible to the naked eye.
  3. We then go over our findings with you and determine the best cause of action or our recommendations if applicable. You always have the ultimate choice.
  4. Depending on the carpet cleaning package you choose we will vacuum the carpeted areas.
  5. We then spray a family and pet safe cleaning solution to kill bacteria, emulsify stains, soil, and other contaminants in your carpet.
  6. Depending on the severity of the soiling we may use a mechanical machine to agitate the cleaning solution deeper into your carpet. This helps give a better clean in most cases.
  7. We then begin the cleaning using hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. The water is heated up between 212 degrees to 240 degrees. Our carpet cleaning wand shoots this hot water deep into your carpet and the suction also coming from the wand removes that same water and the contaminants along with it. Carpets take 2 to 6 hours to dry in regular conditions.


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Hi everyone my name is David Melo, the owner of The Steam Master Florida LLC, a Deltona based carpet cleaning company. We offer a wide range of cleaning services at reasonable prices. We are here to make your carpets smell and look great again! Look no further! As a local carpet cleaner in in Volusia & Seminole County we want to make your cleaning experience the best possible!

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What You Should Expect DUring Your Cleaning Appointment

When we inspect your carpets we use a special uv light to detect pet urine or invisible stains undetectable by the naked eye.

After we confirm the price with you we will go over any possible issues to set expectations.

Depending on the package you choose we may deep vacuum your carpets to loosen and remove any soil and hair.

We apply a family and pet-safe pre-condition treatment designed to emulsify stains and soil.

Depending on the soiling of your carpet we may use a rotary machine to agitate the pre-spray solution deep down into the carpet fibers.

We use very hot water heated to 240 degrees to clean and extract all the nasty contaminants from your carpets. This process is known as hot water extraction and what those in my industry call steam cleaning. No actual steam is used. This method is the only one recommended by the top carpet makers.

This is an extra service that comes with  additional cost.  Carpet protector is applied only after we professionally clean your carpet. This helps keep your carpets cleaner longer and also applies an invisible barrier to help prevent stains and absorption of liquids.

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HAVE Questions FOR Us? We’ve Got You Covered!

Here are some answers the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to call or send a message if you have any more questions, we would be more than happy to answer them!

  • Please make sure to know which stains you want cleaned so you can point them out  before we show up.
  • Pick up any messes like toys or clothing on the floor. Please leave the floor clear of any clutter or obstructions. 
  • If you have any small light pieces of furniture, move those to a spot that will be out of our way. Trip hazards aren’t fun.
  • Please move or remove anything that is breakable to a safe spot out of the way. 
  • Please lock up your pets so they don’t get in the way or escape when we come in and out. We sure love pets but we don’t want to accidentally trip on them or get injured by them.

To properly maintain the life of your carpets the textile manufacturers recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months or 1 year.  Carpets are the biggest air filters in your home and should be vacuumed often to prevent a build up of dust, dander, and soil. Getting  them cleaned also helps with allergies.



Carpets take an average of 2 to 8 hours to dry. Sometimes they may take longer due to humidity. We recommend you turn on all ceiling fans if applicable and set your air conditioning between 72 to 73 degrees. This helps speed up the drying process.